Friday, May 27, 2011

Product Review - California Baby Sunscreen

Disclaimer - I was NOT paid or incentivized in ANY way to write this review - I just like passing along what does and doesn't work for us!

Seeing as though this weekend marks the unofficial start to summer - I thought I'd start off with a product review of some baby sunscreen, thats also great for us grown-ups (especially if you have sensitive skin) to use as well.

Price: $18.59 at Target online (see link above - this price is comparable to what I paid to buy it in the store)

Gender: neutral

Easy to use: Yes - I really really liked the consistency of this lotion - It was thick enough that it didn't make a mess but was absorbed by the skin very quickly with no greasy residue (a huge plus in my book).  It left the skin feeling VERY soft and there was no trademark "white" left behind.  Putting it on Addie's face was a bit difficult but they also make a sunscreen stick (which I have not tried) that would probably be easier for facial application on your wee one.

Success or Failure: success - we love it!

Age she started using it: 6 months - we had no need for it earlier as Addie was an October baby so it really wasn't hard to keep her out of the sun for the first 6 months (which is what is recommended by the docs) but check with your pediatrician, as always, as to when its ok to use this

Age she stopped using it: hhhmm...I'm going to go with 16 - when she decides shes too cool to go to the beach with me or wear sunscreen so she can get the maximum sun exposure (if shes anything like me!)

Pros:  As I mentioned above, this stuff goes on VERY well for a sunscreen and after about 2 hours in the sun, there was NO evidence that we had been out there so I feel pretty confident that the sunscreen  is doing its job.  California Baby is know for their wholistic all-natural products that are great for babies and adults with sensitive skin and this product is no exception.  I did purchase the water resistant variety as we will be spending a good portion of our summer pool side and at the beach so that was a "must" for us.  This product does not contain alot of the harmful chemicals that are found in alot of other sunscreens, even those made specifically for babies.  There is alot of great information out there concerning sunscreens and depending on your needs and skin type - what might just work best for you. 

Cons:  Simply put - this stuff is not cheap.  As the lady at Target scanned it through she must have caught a glimpse of the price because she stopped - looked at the bottle in her hand - looked back at the register screen - looked at me - to which I nodded my head and said "yeah, that really is the price."  She shook her head and placed it in the bag.

Other info:  This post is only meant to be a product review so I won't give the "and..always wear sunscreen (anyone remember the baz luhrman song? ha!)" speal.  But, my friend Cheryl over at Nap Time is the New Happy Hour, posted a very moving and informative series of posts here and here about the benefits of protecting yourself and your baby from the sun as well as some wonderful ideas and products - you really should check it out - it was a great reminder of just how important this stuff is!!!

Would I buy again or buy for a friend? Yes - I'm one of those people that tends to get somewhat set in my ways and when I find something I like and that works I'm very hesitant to change.  So, this will become a staple in the beach/pool bag!


Cheryl E. said...

How funny! I just posted about the Mystic Tan and saw that you just posted about this new sunscreen. I think both of us having the sun and pool on our minds. :) Thanks for linking me in to share my story. It really means a lot.

And I am going to have to check out this sunscreen. I feel like keeping our children protected from the sun is priceless so if this stuff really works then I would sure pay the higher price for it. Thanks for the great review.

Ashley Paige said...

we LOVE California Baby! I have THE fairest child eevr known to man (thank you, husband's genes) and after lathering CB all over him, I feel like i dont have to worry as much.. granted, he's also wearing a rashguard, hat and UV water shoes.. poor kid! Their sunscreen stick is great, too!

Jessica said...

I love the Calendula Cream and Lotion. LOOVE it. for me and Presley. Was thinking about using their convinced.

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing! I haven't bought any sunscreen for Nolan yet been just keeping him covered up, so I am definitely in the market for some! I have heard good things about this one!

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing! Sunscreen for baby is a must! I've heard great things about California baby, so you can be sure you picked a great one.

Laura said...

I haven't tried their sunscreen but I love their diaper rash cream plus it's something I can use on cloth. I'll have to check it out.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Great post chica!!! And I LOVE the stick - it's so easy to put on Trey's face and the tops of his little ears. I'm actually researching sunscreen right now - too funny! I'm trying to see what I can come up with for one for me that I can get on my back by myself (yes bc of last week) that isn't too harmful... who knew that would be such a tall order?

And seriously 5 years ago I never would have imagined worrying about this!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

thanks for the review! I actually put all the california baby products on our baby registry. I was especially curious about the sunscreen.

Raven said...

that is kinda spendy, but anything for our child's safety right? can't put a price on that!! :)

Carole said...

Thank you so much for posting this. We're taking a trip to the beach for our family reunion and I wasn't sure what to put on Ballerina's fair skin that would do the trick. The other kids are much more naturally tanned than she is. :)

Paige said...

Thank you so much for posting your review. I am a huge fan of sunscreen, but I'm sure I wasn't at age 16! My baby girl will be wearing it as soon as she can.

Skipper said...

I put the CB sunscreen on First Mate on yesterday morning and I swear, it's still on there! Talk about waterproof!!! LOL!

Michelle said...

I just saw this stuff the other day! I looked it over and held it in my hand for a little while until I decided the hubby would prob freak out if I spent that much on sunscreen. But I figure E has a teeny body so it'll prob last awhile so I think I might get it. I am def going to get something organic/free of everything bad for you haha! Thanks for the review!