Thursday, May 26, 2011


Joining for another week of "seriously..." with mrs. to mama to share everything that has me saying "seriously" this week...

Seriously...did I really send my beloved pedometer through the wash???  The hubs informed me last night that while hanging some of our delicates out to air dry he found my pedometer attached to a pair of my pants.  I'm hoping maybe it will dry out, but realistically mourning its loss.  Guess I'll be coughing up some dough this time to get myself another one

Seriously...was Starbucks really out of the Trenta size cups for my new favorite Trenta sized ice about a sad girl this morning when they told me I'd have to settle for the Venti. the Trenta size really my go-to drink now?  Who really needs that much coffee in the morning...I'm starting to think I might be forming a dependency here...thats no good.

Seriously...did I really see a BRAND NEW Mercedes SUV on the side of the road receiving gas from the Highway breakdown squad (I know they have a much more technical term for these people but I don't know what it is).  I mean really, you just bought an, I'm guessing, $80k vehicle....but the gas is just too much?!?'s really Memorial Day weekend - and this girl has a perma-grin on her face.  I'm doing a stay-cation next week so I'm really looking forward to the week off from work and getting to spend lots of time with my girl.  Fingers crossed the weather is nice next week

Happy Thursday!


And...seriously...head over to Gap (online) for their awesome Memorial Day Sale (at least their baby stuff is at great prices...I don't shop for myself much anymore....its way more fun to shop for the baby girl:)) - but don't tell your hubs that I sent you ;)


Megan said...

I seriously have an addiction to baby gap for my little girl. true story!

And for your pedometer, try putting it in a bag of rice (like, fill a ziploc). And leave it for 48 hours. That's about your only hope.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Haha. Well apparently if they were out of the cups, you're not alone in your coffee addiction!

And I saw that email from Gap this morning. I deleted it. Now I'm tempted to go look. son needs more clothes like I need more holes in my head!!

Mrs. Mama said...

1. I dropped mine in the toilet once... had to get a new one. And this new one? Totally lost. Ugh. And I have steps to load.... hopefully yours will dry out!
2. Boo.
3. Hahaha its an addiction man
4. LMAO... maybe he/she thought they could push the limit.. the car can drive on forever it's that amazing. Sorry bout your luck. Bet they'll never do THAT again.
5. So jealous... I have to WORK! Have a great weekend though!

and i'm now heading to GAP! :)

Traci said...

A whole week off is going to be so nice. Enjoy it!

By the way I'm super impressed with everything you get done with gardening, picking strawberries, etc. etc. I'm always so lazy on the weekends.

Tami said...

I know what you mean. I never even look at stuff for myself anymore. It's so much more fun to shop for the baby! :) Enjoy your extra time with your sweet girl!

Natalie said...

So sad about your pedometer...maybe it will survive! Girl I do think you have an addiction...but I think all of us mommas have an addiction to's the only way to cope with lack of sleep! Hope you have a great Memorial Day and vacation next week!

Brittany said...

Hi, here from Seriously Thursday link-up!

Baby Gap for baby girls is addictive, I agree!


Have a Great time being off!

Adorable family

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Hope you and baby girl have an awesome staycay next week!

Samantha said...

Agreed about the Mercedes... cmon now! And I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and stay-cation... I am sure you and Addie will have a blast! And next week, I am DEFINITELY linking up to this "Seriously" post, I love, love, love it!!!!

Jessica said...

Have a great staycation!....And Seriously...I just spent waaaay to much money on little girl clothes on Seriously, they are SO cute!

Cheryl E. said...

Ok, I didnt even know they made a bigger size at Starbucks. The bigger one is already big. I love my coffee but girl I think you have an addiction :) Thanks for the Gap update. I will head on over now.

Sorry to hear you were out of power that sucks! I came home one day last week and tried to open the garage but what do you power. And of course I didnt have my spare key on me. Luckily my mom lives close and ran over. It does make you feel greatful for the little things.

Sara said...

Wait a minute.... WHAT is a TRENTA? Why don't I know about this??It's seriously bigger than a venti?

Also, there's NO such thing as too much Starbucks. EVER.