Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

I am linking up with Katie over at "Loves of Life" this morning to show you our Saturday Morning Scene!!

It has been rainy, cold, and dreary here since I got back (not to mention my drive back from SC on Wednesday).  BUT, this morning it is B-E-A-utiful and I could not be more thrilled about the prospects of a gorgeous Saturday!!  We are planning to join some good friends that we have not seen in forvever for a mid-day cookout and then watch the final 4 game (go VCU)  at BB&B..but first we are headed over there for a wonderful breakfast (yum!!)

spring has sprung :)

All of this rain really gave the grass we planted (from our flower bed conversion here) a boost and I'm loving the bright green shoots that are popping up all over the place!!

looks like my peonies are surviving

Also on the agenda for the weekend is the dreaded laundry, house cleaning, and 6 month birthday celebration for my little girl on Sunday (where has the time gone)!

Happy Saturday...happy weekend :)

can't wait to spend the weekend with this girl!


Erin said...

Laundry is on our list as well.. glad I have already got it started. YUCK! Happy 6 months to your sweet girl!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

SHE IS A DOLL!!!!! oh my goodness, an absolute DOLL.

And also? We had snow yesterday, but, I still have some buds coming up in my garden. Just need it to start ACTING like spring! So chilly here, still!

Cole said...

Happy 6 months to your little sweetie!

Despite snow yesterday - I have a few buds coming up too. Bring on the warm weather!

Ashley D. said...

What a gorgeous little girl! :) Nothing better than signs of spring to get you excited after a rainy week! I am enjoying the same thing today in the Midwest! Thanks for sharing!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Happy 6 months to Addie!! I'm excited about her fiesta tomorrow night!!! :)

Tiny Ocean said...

awwww... 6 months is such a great age! :) Happy Spring!

HC said...

6 months is so much fun! Enjoy!

Kelli Kegley said...

stopping by from saturday morning scene.. your daughter is adorable!! Happy 6 months to her and you!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

This picture is just adorable. I'd have to agree with everyone that 6 months is so much fun and it just keeps getting better. I want a baby girl at some point in my life so she can wear sweet outfits like this one!

Rachel said...

There's been a lot of spring cleaning going on here too! My house needed it BADLY! And the laundry? It seems like the piles never end.

PS...I had no idea you were a JMU grad! Now I like you even more :) What year were you? I finished undergrad in 06 and grad school in 07.

Cheryl E. said...

Happy 6 months!