Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Product Love

PhotobucketI've seen some wonderful posts lately from some great momma's packed with all sorts of baby product love so I thought I'd share some of the faves in our household as well.  We have been very fortunate in that Addie really liked the first bottles we tried, first pacis we tried, etc...she's really not a picky baby so take this advice with that piece of info in the back of your mind:)

Baby Bargains Book - For those of you that know know I can be a bit of an impulse buyer so when we found out we were pregnant it took a tremendous amount of self discipline not to just purchase everything under the sun.  I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of mommas...not to mention all of my blog find what I hoped would be the best and most sensible for our darling daughter.  I had heard horror stories of momma's being so overwhelmed and just losing it during the registering process because of the 8 gazillion baby products and choices out there.  Which I fully get - I totally walked out of Babies R Us my first time there while shopping for a gift for a friend - I headed over to Target where their 5 aisles of baby stuff was much more manageable and far less overwhelming for me - true story.  SO, I ordered the Baby Bargains book and poured over all of the pros and cons of the basics (car seats, strollers, high chairs, bottles...everything)  This book is very comprehensive and has tons of good info on current baby products and is wonderful in pointing out what you need and don't need and what will give you the best bang for your buck.  I used this book and all of the other info I had stored away in my pea brain and made a list of exactly what brand/model I wanted for all of the big stuff.  This made the registering process much easier for me because upon arriving to the store I was only tasked with the fun part - picking out the colors and patterns!

PhotobucketDr. Browns Bottles - We just LOVED these...Addie still has really bad reflux and these have helped tremendously.  They were recommended to us by the hub's cousin who has twin girls and she swore by these after trying a ton of other types.  We started with these and they work very well - initially we started with the glass but now that Addie is holding these herself we have switched to the plastic so that she can hold and if she drops we don't have a disaster.

PhotobucketRazeberry Teethers - In the past few weeks these have been a lifesaver.  Addie is a paci baby so the design of these works well.  She really does enjoy teething on these and they are super easy to clean and pack along in the baby bag.  This have been by far the best teething solution for us (for some reason, Sophie never really caught on but I have heard wonderful things about her too)

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair - Fisher Price always seems to make super cheesy baby stuff - and this high chair is NO exception.  But, they got outstanding safety ratings on their high chairs, are reasonably priced, and after comparing to the others they had in the store seemed the most momma-friendly when it came to cleaning up.  So, we chose this high chair and its been the perfect solution for our needs.  Its adjustable so depending on where we are feeding her we can adjust the height to be comfortable for us, the tray is removable (we can pull her up to the table) and you can stick it in the dishwasher, and the seat reclines so we can give her her bottle and recline her back a bit and she's good to go (she's actually fallen asleep in this thing).  It also has straps that go around her waist and over her shoulders so I never doubt that she's going to fall out and the straps are actually a plastic/rubber type material so they wipe down very easily.  The seat cover also comes off and washes well...and dries quickly.

PhotobucketGraco Sweet Peace Safari Swing - Addie LOVED her swing and we loved that not only could she sleep in the swing but that we could pop the swing out and actually snap in her Graco Snugride car seat and it would swing as well.  That feature was perfect when we got home from being out and didn't want to wake Addie.  There were six different speeds on the swinging motion and you could actually plug in your iPod or MP3 player directly and play music through it - or any of the pre-set music options they had.

First Years Paci Wipes - These were an essential in our diaper bag - Addie constantly throws her paci out on the floor and these are great little wipes to have on hand to quickly wipe those off and give back!!  They are a little expensive but one pack lasted us about 6 months.

Please feel free to share any comments about products that have worked well in your house or your experiences (good or bad) with the products above!

Also, here are a few other baby product reviews I done on this little blog: evenflo exersauser, wubba nub pacis, California Baby sunscreen



Natalie said...

We have the raspberry teether too! Nolan just loves it! I was also soooo overwhelmed when I went to register at Babies R took us 3 hours, and I was exhausted. I tell everyone to start at Target so they can pace themselves! I had never seen that swing...that's really cool that you can snap it in the carseat. Hope you had a great weekend!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Love these posts! It's always fun to see what different moms love!

And that swing looks like the rolls royce of swings! I liked the one we had just fine, but it was HUGE! I'm thinking of selling it and getting something more compact for future baby #2.

Tami said...

Great list! I love the paci wipes. They are so handy!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Great post chica! I need to do one too!

Here's my two cents for people reading comments:

1. Loved the book. LOVED.
2. Best bottles EVAH! Love em! Glass and plastic.
3. n/a (for no paci's here - UNFORTUNATELY) but you know, Trey used to dig Soph.
4. LOVE your highchair. LOVE it. Trey has even slept in it at your house!!!
5. Ugh the swing. I'm going to sell ours. Trey didn't like it. He liked that stupid cheapy fisher price one better.
6. YAY for paci wipes - we used em for Sophie, bottles and toys that fell, anything really!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!!!

Sara said...

I LOVE the paci wipes. They didn't have those when my oldest was born, but we use them all of the time for Stone.

Our Happy Married Life... said...

i love these kinds of posts! we got avent and dr browns bottles (more dr browns than anything) but i'm breasfeeding so we won't know for awhile what she does/doesn't like. I've heard such great things about Dr. Browns! We got the paci wipes too and they are already in the diaper bag. I'm a germ freak so I knew I had to have these!

Leah said...

THanks for the info! Definitely bookmarking this post for when the day comes!

Kelli Kegley said...

That swing is awesome!!

undomestic chica said...

I LIVED by that book! I even took it when I went to register.

Both my twins love Dr Browns, I can't imagine using anything else.

I so need to find that teether. My boys will love it.

Thanks for sharing!

hannah. said...

omgosh, just saw this post! i love it! have you ever heard of siliskins for glass bottles? they are the best. Kinglsey flings hers all over creation and they never break.

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