Monday, August 1, 2011

July goals - PASS or FAIL?!?!

PhotobucketIt's that time's the truth on what did and didn't get done this month!!

1.  Develop a timeline for Addie's first birthday party planning AND a budget!  I've already started picking some things up and thanks to this great momma, I already have the banner for Addie's party and the color scheme set.  I just really need to organize and put it all together...oh, and I need to set a budget!!  PASS - Thank you, Microsoft Excel for making my life so much easier.  I've created a "master spreadsheet" to track my budget, guest list, decorating ideas, and menu planning for Addie's party.  I've set a timeline of things that need to be completed over the next two months in the hopes that I won't be a complete stress ball the week before her party!

2.  Work-out at least 3 times a week if you read my last post here - you know where I have stood on this one for the past 2 months.  This is one of my busiest months at work so I know I'll be working late some nights so I hope this doesn't sabotage my goal here (see...see...look at me - already lining up my excuses for why I won't get it done - thats my problem!). Almost PASS - I missed this by one week and that week I missed it by one day!!  I've decided to drop this goal from my monthly goals because I'm finding it's more effective for me to include this in my weekly goals as a part of the Bye-Bye Baby Weight link-up I'm participating in to hopefully shed some extra pounds.

3.  Complete our pantry/mud room/laundry room - As long as our contractors cooperate, I feel certain we will make some great progress here and have an awesome shot at accomplishing this goal which would seriously make me SO happy.  I have NO storage room in my house and I'm hoping this will give me a chance to get better organized! FAIL - Really...we aren't even close.  As expected, working with the sub-contractors didn't work as planned so we had some unexpected delays but the plumber finished up last week so the ball is now in our court to get it done.  If this isn't done by the end of August I'll probably go crazy - I don't handle living in a construction zone with ease.  The hubs and I are certainly realizing that we aren't able to get projects done around the house as quickly as we did before having Addie.  I really hate hiring people do things that I can do but we may find ourselves doing that more now so that our projects don't drag on for.ever!  

4.  Re-configure our side flower bed - I feel so bad for our neighbors.  We "put in" a lovely side flower bed complete with rose bushes, shrubs, and my favorite weeping cherry tree - as well as a rock walkway to the gate on the fence and because its out of sight and we have a little something that takes up a bit more of our time these days (love my girl:)) its been severely neglected.  And I don't have the time for all of the weed pulling it we need to do something similiar to what we did here and turn some of it back into "lawn" and leave a small portion as the actual flower bed! FAIL - Sad to admit but this still isn't done.  It's been insanely hot and digging up bushes and leveling out the ground is pretty tough work so I think we'll postpone this for the fall.  

5.  Clean out our drawers and closets - I didn't quite get around to sping cleaning this year but "better late then never," right?!  The hubs and I both have tons of clothes that never get worn not to mention all of my handbags that won't be necessary thanks to a diaper bag so I need to clean this stuff out and donate it to charity (and maybe for those nicer things...a blog sale?) and free up some drawer and closet space. FAIL - This really still needs to be done and I have no excuse for not getting it done...pure laziness on my part here.  You will see this again as an August goal as we really need to create some extra space and get rid of all of the extra "stuff" we have hanging around!


Raven said...

even the stuff you DIDN'T get done, you are so far ahead of me.

like, SO far.

Samantha said...

You've passed more goals than I have! I don't even want to post mine anymore, lol. But, you're doing great, it's the summer, don't be harsh on yourself!

Our Family said...

I need to adopt your goal about cleaning out closets and drawers. I joke with my husband and tell him that we can't have all of the laundry done b/c we don't have anywhere to put it. haha :) Lana

Emily said...

I totally envy your "master" spreadsheet skills for your party budget, etc! :) I wish I could be that organized! Love your blog! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea of the goals I really need to start this. For the closets one idea thats worked for us is at the beginning of the year turn all your hangers around the opposite way. Anything you wear turn it around the opposite way. At the end of the year you will learn what you need to give away or trash if you havent worn it in a year.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's awesome you created an xls for your birthday planning!! I have so done that and still do! And I hear ya about working out- I'm an avid runner and haven't run in over a month! And our flower beds are a sad sad part of our house. It hates me for my lack of commitment to it. :/