Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

I wanted to blog today....but had a little bit of bloggers block until I came across this fun link-up which seemed to be just what I just pick 5 things that are rolling around in your head and blog em.  Perfect for my little mind that is having difficulty putting anything here goes it:

Has anyone seen what I'll call the "moms section" at Hallmark.  Funny..lighthearted cards for moms...I know everyone thought I was crazy as I snapped away with my phone at some of these cute cards that would be so fun to send to another momma to lighten her day.  Here are some of my faves:
 photo photo3_zps28ec024b.jpg
Or...when your toddler says something and you totally know what they are saying but everyone else looks at you and says "what did she say?"

 photo photo5_zps81609c46.jpg
HAHA...sometimes you just need some time out!

 photo da6aafdd-0d17-44c4-a534-866b7862a4eb_zpsd178b1b4.jpg
I can totally relate.
I have an admission to make...I don't always change my clothes after getting puked on by my 6 week old...matter of fact, i rarely do.  Kate has reflux...meaning I spend a good bit of my time getting puked on...she likes a squirt toy...any change in position or attempt to lift her up and it just flows.  I'm in that weird stage where my normal clothes don't fit and maternity clothes don't either so my selection is limited and sometimes I just have to wipe it off and roll with it.  Now the baby...she gets changed everytime she soaks her case that was your next question.

I'm on the two week countdown to returning to hurts just to write that.  I'm SO glad I chose to take an extra two weeks this time around but its still going to be hard...I'll be playing the lottery more often.

I got new running shoes last week...I've only used them once but gosh, I really needed those.  What a difference a new pair of shoes makes....maybe now I can actually stick to my little workout plan.

You know you have a slight obsession with Toms shoes when you get this text from your bestie after Toms make another cameo on Zulily....
 photo c1959b73-ea09-4757-ba4f-a697113e4a86_zps59b40024.jpg

If you want to join in the fun or just read what everyone else is sharing...head over to "The Good Life" and link-up!


Michelle said...

I had to laugh when I read your comment about being puked on. You should read "Confessions of a Scary Mommy;" it has tons of funny admissions from moms that will make you feel right at home :)

Tiffany || monuments and melodies said...

stopping by from the link up!

i can sympathize with wearing the clothes with spit up! ha! the choices us moms make ;) with two boys, sometimes i don't change if they wipe their noses on me! shhh!

you have a beautiful family! have a wonderful weekend!

Kelli Kegley said...

The worst is putting on clothes right before you leave to go somewhere sans puking child and you think, "YES! I am actually going to wear a clean shirt!" You hug the babies, kiss them bye and walk/run to the car. About 20 minutes in your first store you realize that you can still smell that lovely spit up smell. You can't imagine why. It must be someone else around you. Bless their hearts, you can totally relate. Then you go into the dressing room only to find out said puking child blessed your shoulder one last time before you left and you didn't even know it!

Not that that EVER happened to me or anything ;)

I'm loving "hearing" from you again. Missed your posts!

Kim Kauffman said...

I can so relate to getting puked on and not changing your clothes. We just had our second baby (a girl too!) two weeks ago and I have like two things to wear. Ugh. Also, was meaning to tell you - our older daughter (the same age as your Addie) had really bad reflux. We tried different medications and nothing really worked until I found a natural gripe water type thing called Colic Calm. It's all natural and worked SO well. It also works for teething and gas. I've even given it to our two week old for some gas and it was great. They sell it online or at Walgreens or Toys R Us. Anyway, just a thought :)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

She's like a squirt toy---oh my gosh dying!!!! Both of mine are reflux babies and I totally get it. I don't always change me or them!

Like a squirt toy!! Still loving that!