Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have I told you how much I LOVE Tiny Prints...

If I haven't told you lately, I should have.  I've been hooked on Tiny Prints since the day I received my "Save the Date" cards in the mail for my wedding.  I used Tiny Prints' wedding invitation company, Wedding Paper Divas and was awed and impressed with their selection, ease of ordering, and most importantly quality.  So, using them for all of the other important moments in our life was a no-brainer.

Which brings me to the subject of Christmas cards...and y'all it's November, which means Christmas is less than 2 months away and its time to get working on Christmas cards.  I've entrusted Tiny Prints with our Christmas cards for the past 2 years and have been 100% satisfied.  So, onto my fun finds for the current year...we are still working on getting "the family pic," which will likely lead to my choice.





I also highly recommend their matching labels to add another special touch to your coveted holiday greetings.  Last year I ordered labels that actually had a picture in the ornament and was uber impressed with how clearly it came out...despite being small.  I too figured it was a MUCH cheaper route than the customized picture postage stamps.  

We also started a new tradition last year of ordering from Tiny Prints a glossy easel of each years' Christmas Card.  My plan is to display these around the house as a fun memento of Christmas' past.  And with that said..I suppose I should share what our Christmas cards have looked like the past two years...

2009 card and an example of the easel 

2010 card
Happy Christmas card shopping!!

**In the interest of full disclosure - In exchange for this post, Tiny Prints has offered me up some free Christmas cards but that has in NO way influenced my thoughts and opinions expressed above.  I have always been 100% satisfied with the quality of their products!**


Mrs. Mama said...

oh love them! cant wait to see your guys' christmas card this year!

Samantha said...

What a great idea with the easel! Love it! I too am a HUGE fan of Tiny Prints!

Cheryl E. said...

I love the easel idea! I think we might look into that too. Her christmas card last year was just soooo adorable!

Natalie said...

That easel idea is awesome...I really love your past Christmas cards. Tiny Prints is awesome :)

Kat said...

I love tiny prints too!!!

Kelli Kegley said...

I'm so excited you sent me the link to do this..as soon as I get caught up I'm going to do mine. I love the easel idea! And last years card was too precious!!

Happiness Is... said...

I love the idea of ordering an easel each year - cool idea!