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I'm never in pictures because I'm always behind the camera so here's my best head shot!
Welcome to our little corner of the blog world....hi, I'm J, the official writer of this blog formerly known as "the workaholic momma."  I'm a full time working mom...trying to find the right balance between bosses and bottles...I have two beautiful girls that I cannot get enough of and a wonderful career that I also love (but not as much as my two girls).  I started this blog...thinking it would be more of a diary about the balance but after writing for two years...i realized this blog is more of a dumping ground for everything going on around me.  You can find posts on just about everything...recipes, product reviews, funny stories, pictures of my girls, confessions, random ramblings, and so much more.  I write to share...I really enjoy this blog world and all of my virtual friends but I'm also horrible about keeping up with baby books and photo albums...so this is mine and hopefully one day my girls will look back and find every memory here.

Some other things you should know:
1.  I love coffee...rather iced coffee with caramel and cream....preferably dunkin' donuts and please don't add any sugar.
2.  I love a good deal...sometimes I need to remind myself that spending money to save money doesn't always make sense.
3.  Music makes me smile.
4.  I live close to the beach but hardly make it there even though I love it...sad, i know.
5.  I love everything real estate.  I can spend hours in the car driving through neighborhoods looking at houses I can't afford and getting all sorts of fun ideas for my little piece of the earth.
6.  My hubs and I are basically an arranged marriage...our grandmothers were best friends...but check it, we didn't realize it till we were already in LOVE...haha....small world to say the least.
7.  I am sarcastic and often write that way.
8.  I like to use these.....instead of commas, they make me think my run-on sentence is ok.
9.  I don't write to insight any sort of controversy...this is my life and judge away but please don't take anything I say as "stirring the pot"...I avoid that kind of nonsense.


Colbert Family said...

came over from Jenna's! Can't wait to follow your blog! your 2 girls are so precious! We just adopted last week!! I blog over at www.rcolbertreport.com

West Family said...

Just stopped by from Jenna's a favorite drink of mine is a caramel iced DD coffee!! Your girls are beautiful!

AfGolden said...

Came over from Jenna's! Loved your about me! Can't wait to read more from you! :)

I blog over at afgolden.blogspot.com
Come over and check it out if you have time! :)