Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daylight Savings - its only an hour...

Let me just say this  - I am not a morning person - never have been.  I was never one of those people that could "work it out" before going to work and trust me I tried.  For some reason, my legs could just never get going no matter how much stretching I did they always felt so stiff so I usually saved my runs for the evening or nights if I got a wild streak.  So, as you can imagine, moving my morning forward by even an hour takes some adjusting for this night owl.  Yesterday morning was a bust - I was late getting up, Addie didn't wake until 7:45am (an almost exact one hour departure from her usual 6:30ish am wake-up time), and the whole morning was out of sync from that point on.  I got to work late, very late, which I hate because it never fails that someone needs something from you early on the morning's you're late.  Fortunately, this Monday morning, my boss was returning from a week of vacation and was spending the first few hours sorting through emails and not yet needing anything from me.  So fast forward through yet another stressful day and I find myself on my couch with a box of Girl Scout cookies watching the Bachelor finale(which by the way, I purchased 10 boxes this year because I love them so much - not quite helping get those pregnancy pounds off but they are mighty delicious!  And walking into HT past the GS cookie stand an adorable brownie asks me very politely - "would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?"  to which I replied - "no thank you, I already have 10 boxes at home." and her response was classic - "WHOA, thats like $20!"  and I didn't have the heart, although my little accounting soul wanted to remind her that at $3.50/box, it's really more like $35 - but then again, I'm not sure I could admit out loud that I actually spent $35 on cookies - but at least its for a good cause:)) During commercials, I was pushing laundry through and getting bottles washed in the hopes that after indulging for 3 full hours in reality TV land I could hang it up for the day and start counting sheep.  Only to remember that I needed to take my shower and pump before being able to crash - ugh - I could already see that Tuesday morning was going to be another hard one.

Fortunately, Addie did a much better job adjusting to DST than I did and was up at her usual 6:30ish, which meant, despite my delirium I was up too.  Still late to work this morning, but not as late and with no TV date this evening I plan to get some good shut-eye and hopefully get adjusted to the new time.  Which by the way, I do love nothing more than it staying lighter longer in the evenings.  I can actually get a few things done outside and its a reminder that spring is here!!


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