Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the details and a confession

Thank you ALL so much for your sweet comments....I feel so relieved to finally be able to put it out there!!!  I've been MIA partly because I was at a lost for what to blog about with everything going through my mind being pregnancy related (not to mention my usual blogging hours have been consumed by my need to go to sleep no later than 8:30pm) and the other part is just how busy life has been.

I'm a self admitted type-a personality..."go with the flow" doesn't really fit my personality (not that i don't wish it did)...so as you can imagine all of the unknowns of pregnancy turn this girl into a complete stress ball.  Oh, and confession - I'm also an admitted POS addict...thank goodness for the dollar store tests...otherwise I'm pretty sure we'd be broke from my excessive pregnancy test purchasing.  So suffice it to say....the minute we could know....i knew.  From 3.5 weeks on I've known this baby was in the making but after the miscarriage this summer we decided that mum was the word and even announcing at 15 weeks (via instagram and our christmas card shown here) left me feeling pretty vulnerable.

But here we are....16 weeks along and while this pregnancy has not been without its issues (saving this for another post but I have a subchorionic hematoma that's kept us on edge) we feel so lucky and blessed to be this far along and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this precious bundle of joy in May!!!

If you're wondering how I broke the news to my hubs...I let Addie do all of the work.  I had a big sister shirt that I let her brag about to her daddy (complete with "hey dadda, look at my shirt!").  His reaction was surprise but guarded...as expected!

I've been feeling pretty good...this pregnancy pretty much resembles that of my first...no morning sickness, lots of tiredness, and extreme hunger and food cravings (hot foods and salty foods have been my weakness this go round).  I'm still barely fitting into some of my larger size work clothes but everything else is all maternity!!  I sleep pretty well at night...other than getting up to pee at least once and thankfully the hot flashes that seemed to plague me the first 14 weeks have subsided (totally scared of menopause now).  I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can...I'm starting to feel some small little flutters down there and now that some second trimester energy is showing up I'm starting to make nursery plans.

In case you're wondering...Addie has taken the news in stride.  She can point to where the baby is in my belly but really isn't interested in talking much else about this "baby" thats in momma's belly.  I know that will all change once the baby is here:)

Ok...so I know, this is a random post with some details scattered in...I just feel like I don't even know where to start with 16 weeks to catch up on....but in short - we are beyond thrilled that baby #2 is on the way...another miracle in the making:)    

Friday, December 14, 2012

from our home to yours....and a little surprise


wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!!!  and yes, we are pregnant!!!  16 weeks along and I'm hoping to catch up with some posts with all of the details soon.  this little one is due may 30, 2013 and i cannot thank all of you enough for all of your support and encouraging words this summer!!